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Residential Interior Design

Redecorating a room can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin, and expensive if you don’t know who to hire. Choosing colors, furniture, and accessories is frustrating without the proper tools, suppliers, and a professional eye. Interior Designer Ashok, owner of Abbot Interiors, designs your room to your tastes. He gets his projects done on budget while exceeding his client’s expectations.

Abbot Interiors is a custom Dc interior design firm specializing in the creation of spectacular urban spaces including houses, flats, bungalows, apartments, and offices. Abbot Interiors works on both residential and commercial projects in the Chennai area. They develop custom interior design plans with everything you need to turn an old space into something fresh, new, and beautiful. And, they offer full services to manage every detail of the project from start to finish.

Interior Design Services Include:


  • Custom Space Plan

Your custom space plan includes an ideal furniture layout for your room

  • 360 degree 3D preview of the Interior Design

360 degree 3D preview will help you visualize what your new interior will look like when it’s complete

  • Furniture Specifications

Furniture selections that meet your style preferences and budget. The selections will have dimensions so you will know what sizes will fit into your space.

  • Window Treatment Designs

Window treatment designs that are both fashionable and functional

  • Paint/Wallpaper Selections

Paint and/or wallpaper selections that complement the furnishings and set the tone for the room

  • Accessories

Lighting, rugs, artwork, and decorative items that complete the room

  • Product Procurement

Purchase of furniture, window treatments, and materials on your behalf (optional service)

  • Project Management

Carry out project from start to finish Hire and manage contractors. Ensure timely completion of project an adherence to budget. (optional service).

See our Interior Design of homes in the image gallery. 
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